Viltrox Variable ND Filter 77mm


The Viltrox ND Variable Fader is a compact all-in-one variable neutral density fader filter that adjusts the amount of light reduction by revolving the outer rim. The index marks on the filter lets you know exactly the amount of reduction at a glance. Giving you clear and precise shots at whichever density you are using.

Neutral Density or ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera without effecting colour balance. This is useful for lowering your shutter speed in bright conditions to show movement. ND filters allows you to get more depth of field by stopping down your aperture.

Filter Type: Variable ND filter (ND2 - ND400)
Rotating: Yes
Shape: Circular
Back thread diameter (attach to lens): 55mm
Front thread diameter (attach additional filter): 62mm
Glass Material:   High Quality optical glass
Rim Thickness:  6.5mm (exclude screw part)
Rim Material:    Aluminum (black anodized)

Viltrox 's uniquely designed adjustable neutral density (ND) filter provides equivalent brightness range of ND2 to ND400 by simply rotating the calibrated rim of the filter.

Viltrox Coating
    Digital Multi-Coating greatly reducing lens flare & ghosting.
    Anti-Reflective Multi-Coating on both sides.
    Water & oil repellent, scratch & stain resistant.

Viltrox Glass
    High transparency & high density enhanced optical glass.
    rimmed glass reducing light reflection around filter edge.

Viltrox Frame
    6.5mm slim black anodized filter ring - eliminating vignetting.


1 x Viltrox Variable ND Filter 77mm

1 month replacement warranty (for factory defects only)