Softbox Strobist Kit ( 60x60 softbox e27 lamp holder )

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Our 4 Socket Lamp Holder with 60X60 softbox would be a great addition to your photographic lighting equipment.  Softbox lighting provides you with the ability to illuminate your subject well with soft diffused light.  Whether digital or film ~ still or video ~ these softbox lamp holders will help you make photos like a professional.

  • The ideal continuous lighting source. The safe and reliable light is easy to operate.
  • Two On/Off Switches on Back of Lamp Head allow use of 2 or 4 lamp bulbs
  • Translucent White Cover Diffuses Lamp Light to Soften Lighting of your photographic subject ~ Eliminates Harsh Highlights and Fills Shadows.

 With 6ft light stand 

* Continuous Light not included