Pixel has recently released their new manual radio flash trigger Pixel Opas for Canon and Nikon cameras. This professional trigger is a transceiver based system, this means that each item can be used either as transmitter or receiver. Also it can be used as a shutter release trigger for your camera. The Opas detects automatically which mode it should work in.

The overall design and build quality aims to professional photographers, for example it uses 2 AA batteries which are available nearly everywhere. An external antenna makes long ranges of more than 400m in open space possible. More professional features are the PC sync socket or external power supply by a USB socket. The Opas can be mounted to stands by a standard screw nut or a rope. One really nice feature which makes it to the perfect companion of the Pixel King triggers is the Pixel King slave receiver function. Sure it is still a manual trigger but still works well with the Pixel King.

- Pixel Opas is a professional radio flash trigger and remote shutter release for the camera

- It supports 3 different groups and 4 channels

- Studio flashes as well as compact flashes are triggered in manual mode

- The transceiver switches automatically between transmitter and receiver mode

-The maximum operating range of the transceiver can reach up to 500m

-It can be used as Pixel King's receiver (does not support TTL and HSS

-It has comfortable big buttons for group and channel selection, test flash and shutter release

-It uses 2 standard AA batteries and also the USB socket for power supply

-PC sync socket for triggering studio flashes

-3.5mm socket for triggering compact flashes, studio flashes and cameras shutter release (cables included)

-Pixel Opas uses global free FSK 2.4GHz and is compatible with high voltage flashgun and studio flashes

- Frequency system: FSK2.4 GHz
 - Mode: transceiver, auto sleep & awake
 - Operation range:  400M above
 - Max. sync speed: 1/320S
 - Compatible cameras: Nikon
 - Compatible flashes: Canon, Nikon, Metz, Sunpak, Sigma flashgun and studio lights
 - Power supply:  2 x AA batteries or USB socket
 - Shutter release: single shoot
 - Channels: 4
 - Groups: 3 different groups (A/B/C)
 - Antenna: external
 - Trigger method: hotshoe
- Operating time: receiving status: 600hours / transmitting status: 300hours
 - Holding: tripod nut, hot shoe and rope
 - Buttons: 2 steps power switch, shutter/ test button
 - Mode switch: safe mode and sleep mode
 - LED display: one red/green (changeable) functional LED display &  three red channel LED display
 - Sockets: PC sync, 3.5mm, USB
 - Supports wireless FSK24.GHZ, CE/FCC/NCC standards
 - Keep in mind that at least 2 transceivers are needed


    1 x Opas transceiver
    1 x Protecting bag
    1 x Hot shoe protector
    1 x Rope
    1 x Connecting cable (DL-3.5)
    1 x Connecting cable (DL-1/4)
    1 x Connecting cable (BL-E3)
    1 x Connecting cable (BL-N3)
    1 x User manual in English

1 Week Replacement Warranty
6 Months Service Warranty