JJC Macro Reverse Ring


With the aid of this 52mm or 58mm lens reversing ring (FOR NIKON AND CANON ONLY) you can attach any lens to your camera inversed. This way you can use it like a macro lens. You can take fantastic close-up pictures without spending horrendous sums of money for expensive macro lenses.

You can use any lens with a filter thread of 52 and 58mm . With the help of the filter thread you screw the lens to the camera. In this so called retro position the lens works similar to a loupe. Unlike in normal position, in retro position the object distance is smaller than the image distance. This diminishes the focal distance. It allows you to get closer to the object you photograph what results in a larger reproduction scale. Things are displayed larger on the image plant.

This reverse ring is manufactured very well. It is thin but stable. That is why there is no big clearance between the lens and the lens mount. That provides a better image output.

You have to focus and adjust the shutter manually, because the reversing rings doesn't convey electronic data. Exposure measurements are usually effected by the lens, for some cameras however you have to adjust exposure manually.


1 x JJC Macro Reverse Ring Adapter

1 week replacement warranty (for factory defects only)