JJC Lens Cleaning Wipes

JJC CL-T3 Wipes Set consists of a wet wipe which is impregnated with a special lens cleaning fluid that contains no alcohol, and a dry wipe which is a dry dust-free Lens cleaning paper. It is perfect for camera lenses cleaning; it's easy to clean oil residues, dust, fingerprints, no destructive on lens coatings.

Cleaning Steps:
- Use the wet wipe to clean the lens and remove smudges and fingerprints.
- Then use the dry wipe to remove any moisture.

Cleaning Tips:
- For cleaning lenses, it is recommended to use JJC Air Blower to blow the surfaces before use wipes.
It's a great replacement for lens cleaning liquid is not allowed when flying abroad.

Paper size: 12 x 20cm

5 x Wet Cleaning Wipes
5 x Dry Cleaning Wipes

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