Compact Light Stand 7.2ft

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This 7.2ft compact portable lightstand folds up to approximately 20inches in height and weigh approximately 1.15kg.

It priovides maximum portability for strobist on the go, during field trip assignment. Made from strong aluminum material, the lightstand can support up to 4Kg workload. The compact design of the lightstand is made possible with the unique back-fold design of the supporting legs. This enable the legs to spread out horizontally to provide maximum stability and less likely to be knock down as compare to conventional lightstand design. The brass spigot on the lightstand has a 3/4" screw socket which can be attached with compatable equipment like ballhead, making it function as a camera tripod. A 3/4" to 1/4" screw socket converter is included to mount equipment such as camera.



No of section: 5
Material: Aluminium
Fold Height: approx. 20inches
Maximium height: 7.2ft
Weight: 1.15kg



1 x Compact Light Stand 7.2ft



1 Month Warranty (Factory defects)