Caler E-200 Studio Kit

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If you are looking for a compact, easy to use studio strobe, the Caler E-200 may be a good choice. It has an output power of 180Ws and a GN of 42, the Caler E-200 is sufficient for shooting product, passport and certificate photos, children and portraitures.

Simple and Versatile Operation:

  • Operation is simple and easy to set up.
  • Flash head is adjustable vertically from 0° to 180°. In other words, you can fire the flash from straight up to the ceiling, to straight down on floor, or any angle in between. The "lift and screw" design of the provided swivel allows the position to be locked or unlocked safely and securely.
  • Built in hole for umbrella allows usage with "shoot through" umbrella diffusers or "reflective" studio umbrellas (sold in other listings).
  • Standard mount for light stands.
  • Flash head size allows usage with Goldenshell / Jinbei Colour-Filter and Honeycomb Combo (sold in another listing).
  • Built-in modeling lamp. Simply press "MODEL" button to activate this lamp during usage.

Adjustable Power
The flash power dial allows the user full control of the output power. Different from other studio flash that has "stop dials" at set power levels only, this unit's flash power can be adjusted bit by bit from full power down to 1/8 power. With this design, you can conveniently make small adjustments to the flash power.

Modeling Lamp Mode
The brightness of the built-in modeling lamp is not only controllable but clever enough to adjust itself according to the output power of the flash under proportion mode. It can even turn itself off simultaneously when the flash is triggered under modeling lamp mode.

Wireless Control
Tired of excessive wiring on the set? Connect this flash unit to a wireless flash trigger for wireless control! No longer will the positioning of the flash be limited by the cable length. flash trigger sold separately.

Alternatively, you may use E-200’s built-in IR slave sensor to trigger the flash. It will fire whenever it receives signal from an infra-red flash trigger (IR Flash trigger sold separately)

Solid Performance
Equipped with a guide number of 42, this studio flash unit offers a powerful lighting source. Recycling time is at 0.5 to 1.4 seconds only.

With this entry-level price and trusted quality from Caler, this E-200 is a great strobe set for starter photographer.



  • Caler E-200 Digital Studio Flash
  • Brand: Caler / Jinbei;
  • Model: E-200;
  • Angle adjustable fixture;
  • Built-in light stands lock screw;
  • Built-in umbrella lock screw;
  • Guide Number: 42;
  • Recycling Time: 0.5 - 1.4 seconds;
  • Adjustable power output: Full power (1/1), 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8;
  • Trigger method: Sync cable / wireless flash trigger / built-in Infra red remote control;
  • Built-in flash test button;
  • Flash Duration: 1/1600 s;
  • Color Temperature: 5500 ± 200° K;
  • Modeling Lamp Output Power: JCDGY6.35 50W 220V;
  • Power Source: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A Fuse;
  • Net Weight: Approx. .85 kg;
  • Length of sync cable: Approx. 4.5 meters;
  • Dimensions (size): 290mm (L) x 131mm (W) x 195mm (H);


E-200 Digital Flash Unit = 3pcs
G-50x70cm Softbox = 1pc
G-550 Octagonal Softbox approx 100cm = 1pc
E-200 Honey Comb Diffuser = 1pc
E-200 filter gels = 1 set
6ft Aluminum Light Stand = 3pcs
Compact Kit Bag = 1pc


1 year service warranty